I and Thou - Speak

Author Tonny Larsen
Thu 13 Sep 12
/ 5
Year of Release 2012
Label Independent
Catalog Number
Total Time 60:39:00
Genre Prog.









Jason Hart (Keyboard-player from Renaissance) has, under the moniker I and Thou, created an amazingly beautiful album "Speak". With help from friends as guest players. From IZZ: John Galgano plays bass, Paul Bremner plays guitar and Laura Meade backing vocals, but also Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley band) on drums. Plus, the bonus track " Go or Go Ahead" features the great Steve Hogarth (Marillion). Need I mention, that this is a keyboard album first and foremost ?! Even though Hart also delivers lead vocals, background vocals, percussion, glockenspiel, additional guitars and trumpet!

Add to that production, all music and lyrics by Hart. The beautiful cover art done by Annie Haslam (Renaissance). I am amazed at the sheer amount of beautiful prog (music) albums, this year has brought my way (and yours)! Let me mention a few of the artists (in no particular order): Riversea/ Nine Stones Close/Balloon Astronomy...and now I AND THOU. First track "Speak" opens with some airy and soft piano and a soothing vocal, leading through the sensitive lyrics until the 4 minute mark, where things grow more intense, melody line tightened and up tempo´d to great full band effect, only to return to base (if I so may say?). A wonderful piece of 12 minutes plus music! "..And I Awaken" again with smooth sensitive vocals from Hart, on a firmly laid keyboard, guitar, bass and drums theme that seems to caress your ears (and soul) with a second part that is more "popish! " and that meant, in the most positive/creative way! "Hide And Seek" starts out like a semi classical theme or even a cinematic theme (very beautiful) yes...yet again Hart delivers his smooth lead vocal on top of his piano solo, then almost with a jazzrock feel, things turn and twist again. Ive read some fellow reviewers words on this album, I must say I agree on the beautiful part, but not so much on the " like Genesis or Tony Banks" part, to me this is very unique and totally Jason Hart! Yes of course there are tiny hints here and there to mentioned artist and I could mention several others, but wont! Well if any, there are also tiny hints to Renaissance (surprise surprise).Well who cares, this is a super wonderful album, done with heart and feel. A rare and precious experience these days! If you by any chance, liked the abowe sentences and or sentiments, then you MUST check this wonderful album out!! And....YES the bonus track is wonderful, Hogarth is brilliant!! As is this album!! Go on treat yourself.

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