Squackett - Squackett (A Life Within A Day)

Author Tonny Larsen
Sat 12 May 12
/ 5
Year of Release 2012
Label Esoteric Antenna
Catalog Number
Total Time 46:20:00
Genre Prog.









It took me quite some listening to review this new outing from prog-Icons : Chris Squire (Yes) & Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis + a very great solo career) 2 godfathers of prog music! Firstly in awe when I heard about this, then amazed when I realized the fact, it was actually those 2 together musically!! Then I must reveal, I had a bit of: Oh no...what if this stinks?! But, as with all other artists/reviews I am a true and prof reviewer, true to the artist, myself and my ears! At least, I believe so ;-) Please do not correct me if I am wrong ;-) Now enough of that, to the music! "A Life Within A Day" opens like a true Hackett tune, staccato rhythm and great guitars (as always) mid theme with a very complex instrumental sequence incl. Squire´s special bass and Hackett s runs and fills!! Great opener!! "Tall ships" vibrates with a bass wall from Squire and some E-Bow guitaring from Hackett and follow through with some airy, well almost Yes and Hackett united sound! There are vocals (Hackett or squire??) on this track, but the music is really the strong force here, as it should be!! "Divided Self" has a 70´s pop chart aura about it, and that's meant in the most positive way!

But it also has the unmistakable trademark of Hackett´s special songwriting. Not forgetting the wonderful Hackett solo guitar midways!! "Aliens" starts of acoustic with fine harmony vocals (both gentlemen I suspect?!) a very beautiful tune! "Sea Of Smiles" again with great harmony vocals and the song very close to a sound you could call (well they said didn't they?!) Squackett. Nice laid back and excellent track! "The Summer Backwards" almost acoustic with crystal clear vocals this has all the trimmings of the later Hackett stuff and that's great in my book! The more I get into this fine album, the more I realize that this is by far more Hackett than it is Squire!! No no, that is a good thing at least from my view. I am not degrading the input of Squire, I am merely pointing out the fact as to these my trained ears!! Actually this outing is not that progressive rock orientated, it is more like a pop/ art rock album, with beautiful songs and excellent musicians doing their thing! "Cant Stop The Rain" proves my point. So don't go get over heated and exited thinking this is new prog, not at all, but If you like me, also like good art rock music this is one hell of an album! Yes (pardon the pun) there are splendid sequences herein and excellent solo guitars all over from Hackett and on top of that some very great tunes, just don't expect complex time signatures and elaborate excursions of instrumental character!! I rate this 3 stars for beautiful music, greatly delivered, but no surprises here..other than Squire really doesn't make his mark on this album!!

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