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September 23, 2021
There is no doubt that the new EP entitled ‘Crown’ from Atlanta based band ‘Spurge’ has been purposely arranged to showcase the extensive range of the band's musical abilities, that is both in songwriting finesse and instrumental delivery. For within the 27minute time span of the EP the band display an extensive spectrum of different musical styles that cross over several genera with absolute ease and self-assured aplomb. Such a comprehensive presentation being a perfect portfolio of their combined multi-threaded talents that even include a brief foray into rap territory.
At the core of their multi-faceted sound lies an entire catalogue of deeply resonant bass play which is beautifully executed throughout with a clear melodic intent that acts as a solid foundation for the other lead instruments to drive and sway. Then as a solid unit, they combine together creating a preverbal wall of interchanging percussive sound with fluctuating melodic chord arrangements that are in turn further graced with a whole variety of well-arranged vocal incursions. In general, the music is presented in a very relaxed melodic slightly jazzy manner but these periods of calm are oft riddled with forceful outbursts of authoritative guitar / noisy guitar such time changes providing a definite progressive air to the proceedings. Beautifully integrated keyboards add a lushness to the more classically delivered and quieter guitar passages.
Each of the six tracks presents you with a separate kind of bass inspired journey conjuring up exquisite soundscapes and cinematic landscapes.
Summary: An exceedingly well thought out and superbly arranged series of songs giving an insight into the capabilities of this very unique band. Future opportunities to record full-length albums will surely come and in turn, provide the band with the facility to extend their progressive talents even further.
The current line-up is Jen on bass (Berklee grad, gigging musician.) Charles on guitar (gigging musician, gear head and technical master.) Marlon on drums (musical family, marching band, gospel, R&B.) Ben on lead guitar (gigging musician, shreddy Krueger.)
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