Purpendicular - Venus to Volcanus

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Purpendicular - Venus to Volcanus

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May 17, 2017
Here we have, on this particular album anyway, a “Deep Purple” sound alike band. Now things can get totally confusing when the term covers band is used in adverting literature etc. In this case all eleven tracks are original compositions but swathed in “Purple” clothing. This situation is certainly good from the point of view of the music being fresh and new but what might have occurred on previous albums or indeed song choices being played in live situations might warrant more accurately the designation ‘covers band’. Anyway a further confusion does lay in the choice of the band name ‘Purpendicular’ being the title of the fifteenth studio album by Deep Purple which was released in 1996 and an album of minimal impact. The music does incorporate many of the trademark Deep Purple heavy guitar riffs and a modicum of organ interplay together with ‘Blackmore’ style guitar leads. The vocals too by Robby Walsh are a pretty good replication of the Ian Gillan style both in diction and phrasing. From an interest point of view I would imagine that this album would definitely appeal to some die hard Purple fans, but for me it lacked substance and seemed extremely laboured with many of the tracks being terribly repetitious and uninteresting. The music too is quite predictable and does not incorporate the exciting time changes utilised by the real Deep Purple of old and is somewhat lacking in guitar / keyboard interplay or the queuing up of instruments to seize a lead role interlude (such as classic tracks on “Machine Head”) In fact with this band I got the distinct impression that this is just a group of old but competent musicians having a great time down a ‘Deep Purple’ memory lane. I do however understand that this band have a faithful following all around Europe but it was interesting to note, from a gig location map, that there seems to be a distinct lack of UK involvement. There is always a market for bands trading or treading in the footsteps of the old and classic bands of the past but I cannot see very much of an interest for this album outside of the hard-core of Purple fans about in Europe and then, honestly, I would be interested as to their point of view with respect to this band.

Summary: A heavy rock band plying their album of original material in a Deep Purple sound alike fashion.

Cover Art: An extensive but hard to read booklet with some nice band photos but printed very much in the style of a museum or archaeological site visit pamphlet.

Band Members:

Robby Thomas Walsh –Vocals
Herbert Butcher –Guitars.
Oliver Klammt – Keyboards.
Winnie Butcher –Bass
Murgen Zink –Drums

01. The Bullet
02. Moving
03. I Can’t Win Them All
04. Absence
05. Wonderful (Alternative Version)
06. End of Pain
07. We Both Go Down
08. Evil Tongue
09. Trouble Man
10. Earth Sand
11. No Rest

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