The Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness

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The Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness

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The Pineapple Thief
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Pineapple Delight
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March 07, 2017
I will always remember that day about forty years ago when I first heard the debut album by the UK progressive rock band Spring and how it just simply took my breath away and nothing really has had the same kind of immediate iimpact on me since. Well! That was until I played the new studio album by “The Pineapple Thief” and wow! the same kind of reaction flowed through and over me causing the hairs to stand up on the back of my neck. Such a beautiful collection of songs are packaged within this delightful album and which on the outset give an apparent air of simplicity but with further investigation reveal a high degree of musical sophistication being in fact an extremely complicated album packed with wonderful melodies, counter melody and superb musicianship throughout. This together with the marvelous vocals and delicate harmonies elevate the music to the highest possible level of progressive rock achievement. Every single track is literally astonishing and just so melodic in its construction the only thing you can do is to close your eyes and let the music totally consume your whole being hoping upon hope the songs will never end. It really is hard to explain that this is not an album of breakaway keyboard or guitar leads, it is, in the main, an overall blamket of sound where all of the instruments and voices blend perfectly together in complete harmony rather like a finely tuned machine. Of course there is the odd keyboard or guitar flurry but nothing ever too ostentatious. The rhythm section is totally amazing issuing out spirited and complicated time patterns which add energy and dynamism to the entire proceedings. The main delight for me though are the beautiful clear and tuneful vocals delivered with such ease and in turn fully enhaced with clever backing harmonies. The brains behind this UK band “The Pineapple Thief” is guy called Bruce Soord from Sommerset who put things together in 1999 as a means to market his own music but it wasn’t until 2002 that he decided to form a band, Jon Sykes on bass, Wayne Higgins on guitars, Matt O'Leary on keyboards and Keith Harrison on drums, with the intention of performing on stage.

SUMMARY: A knockout album of beautifully melodic and dreamy songs full of wonderful musicianship and lovely vocals.

ARTWORK : A really nicely packaged booklet with detailed information and track lyrics.

1. In Wxile
2. No Man’s Land.
3. Tear You up.
4. That Shore.
5. Take Your Shot.
6. Fend For Youself.
7. The Final Thing On My Mind.
8. Where We Stood.
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