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Pocketsize - Vemood

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Pocket Sized Delight
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January 08, 2017
A richly textured, flowing, peaceful and relaxing album of avant-garde jazz rock with wonderfully structured well arranged passages of delightful experimental progressive jazz rock music. I was thoroughly absorbed and I found it all totally fascinating over the seven tracks and throughout the entire listening experience. I particularly enjoyed concentrating, in turn, on each of the specific instruments as they drifted in and out of the proceedings contributing to the overall mix of the music. I would conclude that it is very rare, these days, for an album to be constructed in such a way that it is difficult to tell what is in fact the overall lead instrument. Sure there are moments of wonderful Hammond organ, electric guitar, saxophone and percussion but the transitions in the passages of music are so smooth and cleverly arranged that no single instrument dominates the proceedings for very long. Although the music is fairly accessible on first play subsequent spins reveal a hidden treasure trove of more complex time signatures and further layers of musical delight. The intervals between successive tracks though are cluttered with lengthy and totally unnecessary periods of pointless Swedish chatter which could of spoilt the proceedings if the music had not been so good. I actually, wisely in my opinion, decided to re-record it myself erasing the distracting chat between tracks. The brains behind "Pocket Size Stockholm" is guitarist and composer Peter Pedersen who cites his influences as Hansson & Karlsson, King Crimson and Gentle Giant and certainly you can detect such influences in the body of this work.
Besides this album entitled Vermood (Cleaning the Mirror) being released on CD there is a limited edition, 300 numbered copies on vinyl

Summary: A totally engaging album which drifts along the more jazz orientated side of the progressive rock spectrum not too far removed from the likes of "Soft Machine " and "King Crimson"

Cover Art: Is fairly basic on the CD with a seemingly unrelated B&W drawing of Frankenstein.

1. Vemood, 2. Voodo Works, 3. Dancing With Dreams, 4.Shaving the Face of the Earth, 5. Volk Und Kraut, 6.Quiet Future, 7. Freddies Exploration (CD Only)

The Pocket Size 2016 Lineup
Peter Pedersen (Guitar, Composer)
Leo Lindberg (Hammond B3 Organ)
Simon Svärd (Guitar)
Kristian Brink (Saxophone)
Lars Ekman (Bass)
Fredrik Björling (Drums)
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