Eilera - Face Your Demons

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Eilera - Face Your Demons

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It's time to face your demons!
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November 19, 2016
This fourth released album from French born singer songwriter Eilera was recorded and produced in Finland where she now lives.
"Face your Demons" is, throughout all its ten main tracks, a pretty impressive collection of musical delights being both atmospheric, vocally interesting, superbly melodic and instrumentally highly proficient. Underneath and supporting Eilera's quite unique vocal style is, what seems to be, a barrage of heavy riffing guitars, delicate keyboards fills, energetic percussion and injections of electric violin together with cello, accordion and maybe even the kitchen sink. Each track is superbly engineered with everything fitting perfectly into place and is packed with a whole host of well considered lead guitar breaks, support vocals and overdubs all timed to perfection. Having not heard any of Eilera's past work I was unable to understand where the wonderfully distinct Celtic folk flavoring to the proceedings had evolved. At first I presumed it was because the album was put together in Finland where Celtic Folk is very popular. I have subsequently discovered that she has always incorporated the Celtic Folk element to her music. I must admit that it took me a few plays to fully appreciate the intricacy of the arrangements but gradually it all began to make sense and I then derived a great deal of pleasure from the music as a whole. Again in respect to Eilera's vocal style and on first play I thought her English pronunciation awkward and undecipherable but I soon got used to her accentuated 'Kate Bush' type singing delivery and then I was totally enchanted by her sweet interesting voice.

Summary: A superb album with some really nice interesting songs and very solid in terms of musicianship and well structured music. It certainly has some progressive rock tendencies, in the same way that one might think of "Kate Bush" being progressive but generally the genre is adult orientated rock. Songwriter Eilera has penned together some nice catchy melody lines with good hooks. The musical arrangements are superb and were mixed by Tero Kinnunen (Nightwish).

The artwork is well put together packed with information and includes a nice cover photo of Eilera.

01. Face Your Demons.
02. Your Way.
03. Deadly Together.
04. Angel Made Temptress.
05. Frozen Path.
06. Polynia.
07. Cure.
08. Into The sea.
09. Male / Female Balance.
10. Protect You.
11. Frozen Path (Finnvox Version)
12. Into The Sea (Finnvox Version)
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