England - Garden Shed (Golden edition)

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England - Garden Shed (Golden edition)

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This is a MUST own!! Highly recommended to all progfreaks!!
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March 28, 2016
Once upon a time, there was this young man from Denmark, who´s interest in music baffled his friends, since his chosen music were far from the normal! His friends really didnt get him or his choice of music, so when he proudly presented his newly achieved vinyl album (for it was those days) his friends would nod and smile, when hearing said new addition to his record collection.

One of these, I remember clearly, was England: "Garden Shed" which I purchased at the local record shop for approx. 39,-. Danish kr. and I remember I was totally blown away by the sheer brilliance of these guys from UK (whom obviously had listened to Genesis & Yes) but certainly could hold their own, wore that album out and have been searching for it on cd ever since!

So imagine my surprise (and joy) when this fine gem arrived by mail to my office!! Not only with mentioned longed after "masterpiece" but with a bonus cd !!

Was it worth the wait, was it as great as I remembered ?? Yes and yes !!

First things first, the original album still sounds as fresh, brilliant as I did way back then, of course you know that fear and feeling of a long wanted (sought after) gem finally emerges one way or the other, when played again...big disappointment. Time and music evolution has changed everything! Not so IMHO I love this outing all over again and it brings back memories.

"Midnight Madness" the opening track, has a slow intro (that could have been on an Enid album) soon developing into a mixed Genesis/Yes tune with absolutely brilliant vocal and chorus arrangement.

"All alone" a beautiful piano/song pause piece.

"Three Piece Suite" one epic of this album (almost 13 minutes of brilliance) this time with a more Yes directed inspiration both music and vocal wise!! But still with with those little hints here and there of the original musicians ideas and inputs.The variation, the really honest complex and varied themes delivered here, are just beautiful and brilliant! Love it!!

"Paraffinalea" Again these fine musicians deliver superb vocal arrangements with a tight theme and keyboards (incl Mellotron) to the fore backed by bass & drums de luxe!

"Yellow" a semi acoustic tune again with fine vocals, great song!

"Poisoned Youth" final track on this magic album, opening with drums and Mellotron...growing into a somewhat dramatic and sinister tune that twist and turn at every musical corner, delivering a sort of magic epic thematic (a bit over 16 minutes) even a masterpiece in its own right, you have to hear it to believe it, honestly!!

This final track shows who ENGLAND really were as musicians, they should have been huge, they deservedly should have! Funny how things vary in time, right time and places.

The bonus album, as it is called here, is a whole nother England story, as it is at places a whole nother band lin-up, as with the live track "Nanagram" which is live a has a female vocalist.

The rest of this bonus album is for you to discover, there are plenty of great music from the original band, delivered by some of them and new musical friends, also old tunes with new approach!

Now all you prog lovers and especially old school prog friends, this is a

1 reviews
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