At war with self - Acts of God

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At war with self - Acts of God

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At war with self
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Overall it is an exciting listen
(Updated: October 04, 2014)
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March 04, 2012
Glenn Snelwar (formerly of Gordian Knot) has kindly send me a cd copy of his new band: At War With Self : "Acts of God". And intro/ tittle track, starts of with a beautiful 12 string guitar theme, glidin´ into a ominous drum/keys break smoothly opening track # 2: "911" with heavy thundering and sinister sounding guitars, bass and drums, then it fades out with fine acoustic guitars! "Threads" track # 3, throbs out high powered and with tambered (?) vocals and indeed electrified/tambered guitars, next moment you get to hear soothing airey keyboards crossed with acoustic guitars with an overlay of distorted E-bow (?) guitar!

"Ursa Minor" has a beginning, that mostly sound like an intro to a psychedelic (late 60´ties) jam and actually the track stays, to my ears, in that mould! This album has many hints to that of Porcupine Tree, spacey, psychedelic and progressive, but somehow they (the band) saw fit to use distorted guitars/effects opposite the basic and "clear" sounding tracks, which is bewildering to me. For this album has great potential and many of their ideas are progressive! Its just that, the basic tracks are pure and clean, easy on the ear if you will. Then comes blasting the distorted guitars/sounds now and then, which for me personally, ruins the "whole picture"! Well what do i know? Snelwar and band obviously had their minds and talent tuned into this kind of production /mix!!

Overall it is an exciting listen. I Just wish they had a more "clean" production in mind! But hey, try it out, you might like it!

I for one, will be looking foreward to their next album, as they really have some interesting ideas and obviously they are great musicians! Alas, i can not rate any higher than 3 planets!! How can i explain my sentiments on this album?

Here goes, its like listening to a beautiful poem, but the narrator snarls now and then!!
1 reviews
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