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Toon Martens Project
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A lovely album!! Go Buy!!
(Updated: October 27, 2014)
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March 07, 2013
Toon Martens has kindly send me this album and I am ever so grateful (Thanks Toon) ...otherwise this excellent release might have escaped my (normally fine tuned) prog radar!! It is not everyday one get to hear a progband from Belgium! But here it is, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised, the music is very "old School" meant in the most positive way! I hear hints and allegations to Rare Bird, Genesis and even to some extend Asia, by way of the lead vocalist, whom sometimes has the similar vocal trimmings of a young John Wetton. This release are keyboard drenched, of course it is with Toon Martens as main figure: keyboards de luxe, producer, composer, plus mixing and recording! In their own (TMP) words: "We tend To Get Bored Easily" ...yes, well so do most of the prog reviewers! But hey, this album didn't bore me one minute. Actually I found the music quite intriguing and interesting, yes even with that label " Old School"! Despite said derivative period of genre , this album delivers many great moments, not least for keyboards freaks (such as myself) and the production are really good. The first tune: "Columbus" has the grand opening that befits such a title, soon to settle down by smooth vocals on a bed of keyboard, bass and what sounds like mellotron..however 3 minutes into this great composition, the musical attitude goes more along the way of early Genesis, tight drumming, keyboard washes and fine bass (no guitars in sight..should that be: in sound?) a very fine track! Even though this album is sparse on the lead guitars, there are indeed some to be had and excellent too (listen to " Cruising"/"Far Behind" or the intro to track 3, a part of "70´s suite" an epic track of some 24 minutes+) The driving force here are definitely the trio of Keyboards, bass and drums, they deliver all three, powerful, tight, solid quality musicianship, every time, every track!! In fact in can hear hints to the great Dutch/German proggers: Trace and Triumvirat, both excellent and classic prog trio´s! I don't know wheter Toon is classical trained or selftaught , but it seems he master most styles and branches in music and I also detect some jazzy vibes here and there ("Forward"..which actually have real trumpets) another little detail would be that guest musicians here include: Trombone, sax and mentioned trumpet. I have come to love this album (several listenings are always a good idea!!) Now this may sound like a mixed bag of tricks to you and it is, but in such a great and charming way! A lovely album!! Go Buy!!

A minor flaw though, at least to me, are the cover art..which as far as I can see are fractals with handwritten TMP on top, doesn't do very much for the music herein, still the band takes good care of that dont they?!
1 reviews
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