Gods - Genesis

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Gods - Genesis

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I cherish my copy and while reading this, I am leaning back, drinking a cold beer and listening to..
(Updated: October 14, 2014)
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February 20, 2013
In many ways, this re-master & re-release is historic from a music point of view, as it has pre- Uriah Heep members Ken Hensley & Lee kerslake on "staff", but also John Glascock, whom later went on to Jethro Tull. Enough of the name dropping, even though there are few others worth mentioning! I guess you have to buy the cd, to learn what I am talking about! The original year (of release) being 1968, one can clearly hear, that periods indications and style, but also the hints and allegations as to where the Uriah Heep style/ideas were coming from, with Hensley´s ever present Hammond organ and his (not yet refined) vocal abilities/pitch. Hensley also had a great "say" concerning the compositions, to put it mildly! This excellent release (double cd) holds both the original stereo and the mono mix, plus some (4) bonus tracks!! So, what do you get here? Well first of all, you get a historic re-master with all the trimmings Esoteric are so well known/famous for, but also a glimpse of a rising star that especially Hensley were. One can clearly hear the birthmarks of Uriah Heep here and there, the commanding Hammond organ, the vocal arrangements and of course you can hear clear identification of that time frame, that period in (especially Europian) music history, with the psychedelic tendencies both music and lyrics wise! I love that period of time, especially UK bands had my attention, let me just mention, in no particular order : The Move, The Herd, The Troggs, Gun (the Gurvitz power trio) and on the blues side Fleetwood Mac! Do I really need to mention Beatles?! No! I didn't think so !! So, this fine release from a music historic (and economic) point of view, are very well worth your attention (and money) ...it has all the beautiful honest and immediate tendencies, that you could ever ask for, from a period piece of music! I, contrary to my reviewing peers in this prog/artrock world that we love so much, are actually more fond of this release, than the later (the second album)..I cant put my finger on it, it is just how I feel, this album really are a very good addition to your fine collection! I cherish my copy and while reading this, I am leaning back, drinking a cold beer and listening to...yes you guessed it: GODS- Genesis.
1 reviews
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