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Corvus Stone - Corvus Stone

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Corvus Stone
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Well, what can I say, I like this album
(Updated: October 11, 2014)
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March 10, 2013
There are expected cd arrivals and there unexpected cd arrivals, many years in this business, doing your job (in my case hobby) properly, taking it serious and being honest, gives a certain respect and genuine mutual know, bands/record companies contra reviewer. What am I on about?

Anywho, this little gem fell in to my mailbox a few days ago and I thought (at the glance of the cover art) "OH no, not another heavy metal promo?!" Not so! This is a nice blend of 70´rock and prog, I don't even think these lads thought that much about genre, they just played music they like. There are many opinions on this release, some like, some don't and some really like!! Having read several reviews on Corvus Stone, one things for sure, all (including this old geezer) agree that Colin Tench´s guitar playing is great! Tench shines on nearly all tracks, his riffing and lead guitars are just perfect combined with the excellent keyboards, especially the Hammond, from Koivu (whom also composed the tunes) giving the whole thing a 70´feel!! Me like!! Add to that musical tapestry, the fine bass playing of Petri Lemmy Lindstrom, the tight drumming from Robert Wolff and the vocals from Blake Carpenter.

I had the same feeling listening to this album, that I had way back (and I am gonna get flogged for this!) when I first heard Captain Beyond´s first and unique album, mind you no comparison what so ever, other than the feeling/ the sensation I had while listening to both!! Now as then, the music were a seemingly blend of rock, pop and prog. In other words no real sense of musical direction, style vise that is! It didn't matter then (Captain Beyond) and it doesn't matter now. For the sum of its parts add up to something real nice, an album full of surprises, varied music styles and delivered with true enthusiasm and love for the music! Yes there are minor flaws, sequences where the production are, shall we say..less effective! But hey, on the whole this is a little gem and despite my dislike to the cover art, this one goes directly to my private collection!! What´s that? You didn't get information enough?

Well, what can I say, I like this album, if you, like me love the 70 rock style, the Hammond washes, the lead guitar, the feel of rock bands "like they used to be" and then the fact that this gem has almost 80 minutes of entertainment !! What more do you want?

Oh, when you buy this and you must, see if you can detect, when Tench, briefly gives a hint to "Smoke On The Water"!!
1 reviews
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