Cochise - Velvet Mountain (An Anthology)

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Cochise - Velvet Mountain (An Anthology)

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1970, 1971, 1972/2013
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Disc 1: 58:43 - Disc 2: 60:24

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This fine double cd issue holds all known material from Cochise
(Updated: October 08, 2014)
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May 04, 2013
The origin of country music will for most parts belong to the American tradition, as we in Europe call it folk music. But the music from the excellent Cochise are most certainly derived from the American tradition, like their fellow country (no pun intended) men/ bands: Bronco, Help Yourself and Ian Matthews Southern Comfort, to name a few, they followed thru´, still (and luckily) with that typical English approach, which to me makes it worthwhile and wonderful to listen to (I cant stand the American Country music!!) add to that the brilliant guitars of Mick Grabham (whom later joined Procol Harum after Robin Trower) and B.J.Cole on Dobro, Steel Guitar and cello, the 2 most prominent members. This fine double cd issue holds all known material from Cochise, from their debut album "Cochise" (with the infamous cover, used here again!) to " Swallow Tales" & "So Far" plus single A & B´s!! So there you have it, not prog but very delicious country rock of the UK species!! Disc 2 have a more rock orientated approach (still country rock though) than that of disc 1. I love this release, maybe I am biased since I owned all these releases way back in those great vinyl days!! All though my heart goes out to prog I have a soft spot for country rock, blues, classic rock and folk rock. I highly recommend this outing to anyone whom liked the above sentences and or like me just have a wider spectrum of interest in music, especially that of UK origin!! The very lavish gatefold cover depicts all original album covers/art and expanded essays in the excellent booklet that follows this dual package!! Check it out!!
1 reviews
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