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May 17, 2021
Cronofonia - Cronofonia (Spanish Version 2020 / English Version 2021)
There is no doubting that in recent times many progressive rock/folk orientated composers have utilised their talents for the creation of grandiose projects that extend far and beyond that which could possibly be attained by a single and loyal band of musicians. Clearly, one of the best examples of this trend are the ‘Ayreon’ progressive rock musical projects composed and developed by Dutch songwriter-producer ‘Arjen Anthony Lucassen’. So aside from the massive organisational tasks initial setting up costs, wage bills etc., the resultant end product of such a venture has the possibility of achieving the highest degree of variety and complexity. Also to an extra level of quality injected into the project by having on board a substantial entourage of handpicked professional musicians, vocalists and studio engineers. And such is the case with this ‘Cronofonia,’ a double album of brilliant songs undertaken in the style of a splendid musical theatre. A production that truly extends the concept of ‘Rock Opera’ to the pinnacle of excellence
The brains behind ‘Cronofonia’ are Mexican composers Pablo Patricio Ortiz and Joaquin “Negro” Ortiz who have truly brought to life this massive venture with an extensive array of guest musicians. The project was initially released in Spanish but fortunately now with the vocals have been reworked into English thus making the album a very welcome appearance for this specific language market.
The entire production is saturated with multitudes of saccharine sweet melodic tunes and equally delicious harmonic choral and instrumental support infusions all beautifully arranged and executed. Certainly, the central point of focus for the project is the gorgeous male and female vocals which carry the storyline not only with beauty but with a romantic conviction. However, the vocals are supported magnificently with multitudes of different instrumental adornments. Skimming the surface there is layer upon layer of delicate violin, cello, acoustic, guitar and various percussive additions. To be honest there are far too many instruments to list here in this short review but the website includes a fantastic point of reference listing in detail every single musician with a bio.
Summary: A spellbinding album which would appeal to every music lover crossing over many genera and international borderline. It is musical theatre at its very best encompassing every aspect of compositional delight from both instrumental excellence and vocal perfection.

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