Clear Blue Sky - Gateway To The Seventh Dimension

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Clear Blue Sky - Gateway To The Seventh Dimension

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Clear Blue Sky
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This music herein sits fine between Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles
(Updated: October 07, 2014)
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April 01, 2013
This album is the predecessor to Clear Blue Sky´s 2013 release (read review elsewhere on these pages) and there are quite a year gap between the two! As the title might suggest (nudge nudge) here, they still move musically in the spacerock universe! If the title didn't give that away, the beautiful cover art surely will. The gatefold cover and booklet are filled with fine sci-fi images and illustrations! This music herein sits fine between Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles, well there are some bluesy elements incorporated here and there! But more important, the guitars of John Simms are here , there and everywhere, excellent riffing, high flying guitar soli and in your face electrifying lead guitar, this man knows his six string and he´s not afraid to prove it! Twisting, squeezing and turning every style and manner you care to mention as a guitar freak!! As I mentioned in the review of the new Clear Blue Sky album (go on, read it!!) Simms´ playing have improved immensely over the years, which he obviously proves here and even surpasses on their new album!! You certainly have to be a space rock/guitar aficionado to like this release and yours truly are, when played like this!! In the scale of the 2 aforementioned spacerock bands I am most certainly in the Ozric camp! Well, let me put it this way Hawkwind have released approx. 100 albums and with a few exceptions, heard one heard them all, all respect but they do not have that much variation or idea! But Clear Blue Sky has and that just the point, like Ozric´s they are imaginative and IMHO they musically play way better than Hawk´s!! Oh boy am I gonna get trashed (read: flogged) now, for those sentences!!

I like this album, but I like the new album and the "straight in your face" rock it holds, better! Still let mention my fav tracks here.. the tight and powerful opener: "Edge Of The Sky" (with a lead vocal not unlike Geddy Lee)/ "Love Inner Spiritual Awakening" (with some amazing guitar playing from Simms and a towering finale)/ "Final Stand" (prog and space rock turned into one great tune!)...well friends it really is up to you to find the other treasures on this album!! You need to check it out!!

Oh I must mention the excellent band supporting Simms: Kraznet Montpelier on keyboards, bass, backing vocals and production/Kenny White on drums & the beautiful Maxime Marten on vocals and percussion!!
1 reviews
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