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A varied mixture of enjoyable rock music
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May 08, 2019
Formed, in 2007, out of the ashes of German Progressive metal band “Sieges Even”. It seems clear now, from the more AOR/ Progressive focused music on this album that the musical differences quoted at the time which led to their ultimate breakup was all about fluidity, freedom of expression and not being restricted to the tight confines of the structured metal stylisations of previous. It certainly was a bold move, leaving behind a proven formula of success, a cult following and then shifting over to a more melodic song-based rock music. But on reflection, it was not a retrograde step because, now some ten years later, the music demonstrated on this, their fifth album, shows a huge maturity in respect to their excellent songwriting abilities instrumental prowess and their vocal harmony arrangements. The whole idea being the opening up of new ideas and subscribing to various combinations of musical arrangements which clearly have all come to a state of full fruition.

The freedom of musical expression to explore the many tributaries of rock music is clearly illustrated on ‘La Muerta’, an album of many facets, textures and colours. Dabbling with splashes of Spanish guitar and then forays into synthesizer-oriented pop ala ‘The Cars’ territory there is so much variety throughout. Even little chunks of classic ‘Genesis’ shine through as demonstrated on the track entitled the ‘Passage’ but which soon fades to give way to nice piano chord sequences and then switches again over to a rather hectic injection of concluding synthesizer. Melodic harmonics are very much a key feature throughout all of the tracks with all aspects of the arrangements clearly being considered with this aim in mind. The guitar and keyboards for example cleverly working and interweaving together with many changes of direction swapping and changing deftly between acoustic and electric sections of the various arrangements.. ‘Arno Menses’ vocals throughout are excellent, so beautifully executed with crystal clear diction in perfect English and delivered with much sensitivity, and passion. The harmonies too are beautifully arranged culminating with the very special duet between ‘Arno Menses’ and ‘Marjana Semkina’ a total delight.
‘Subsignal’ are a very strong band with solid instrumental capabilities in all departments. You get the distinct impression that they are a musician’s band who knit tightly together and play for the love of the music that they are assembling, rather than for fame and fortune.

Summary: A delightful album and whilst tending more towards AOR is full of thoughtful and enjoyably arranged music with many progressive moments.

Artwork: Dreary and not in any way complimentary to the music contained within.


1. 271 Days Instrumental
2. La Muerta
3 The Bells of Lyonesse
4 Every Able Hand
5 Teardrops Will Dry In Source Of Origin Instrumental
6 The Approaches
7 Even Though The Stars Don't Shine
9 The Passage
9 When All The Trains Are Sleeping
10 As Birds On Pinions Free
11 Some Kind Of Drowning
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