Fabio Gremo - Fabio Gremo –Don’t Be Scared of Trying

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Don't Be Scared Of Trying

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Fabio Gremo
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A set of delightful stylish songs.
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May 02, 2019
I was completely and utterly charmed by this lovely romantically inclined album comprising a programme of ten tracks which are all so full of warmth and tenderness. The whole affair is beautifully arranged with easy-on-the-ear tunes heaped to the brim with melody and nicely executed vocals. What immediately captures your attention though are the subtle underlying instrumental contributions of cello, piano, Mellotron and saxophone and whilst tucked away behind the main vocal and guitar lines they do burst through to the surface adding much colour, interest and direction to the proceedings.

Besides being a clever tunesmith ‘Fabio Gremo’ is indeed a talented musician playing bass and classical guitar throughout which indeed he brilliantly deploys and executes. ’Fabio’s’ softly projected vocals, apart from a little awkwardness here and there, are in fairly well delivered with a good vocal range throughout. A small point really but I probably would of preferred the vocals to have been sung in his native Italian, which would, naturally! of ironed out some of the delivery imperfections. I guess the decision for English though might have been for commercial reasons but really, Italian vocals would have been nicer. But, having said that, I know that I’m being contradictory here when I say that looking at the lyrics I actually enjoyed reading the whimsical and poetic nature of the songs. Here finding the wording both imaginative and tending towards quirky in nature.

There is a wonderful variety attached to the tunes and Fabio has certainly nailed the intricate classical guitar backings that form the platform for all the songs. The classical elements all together with the other instrumental accompaniments form a lovely joyful sound with good hooks and melodic sequences. Besides being very comforting to the ear the tunes are easy to sing along with although the construction of the material is much more complicated than realised with the first play and as subsequent spins reveal a greater depth than initially suggested.

Summary: A competent set of joyful songs from an excellent tunesmith.

Artwork: A nicely designed descriptive booklet.

All music and lyrics by Fabio.
All vocals, classical guitars, basses and virtual instruments by Fabio Gremo.

Guest musicians
- Sandro Amadei: piano on Lullabite, drum programming on Dance of Hope
- Giulio Canepa: electric and steel-string acoustic guitars
- Marco Fabbri: drums and percussions
- Antonio Fantinuoli: cello on Don't Be Scared of Trying
- Emanuele Fresia: alto sax on Over the Rainbow
- Giuseppe Spanò: piano on Dance of hope and Friendship Is Gold, mellotron on Lullabite, lead synth on Hypersailor
- The Hyper Pirates! (Sandro Amadei, Giulio Canepa, Steve Collins, Marco Fabbri, Giuseppe Spanò): choir on Hypersailor

• 01 Breeze
• 02 Over the Rainbow
• 03 By the Fire
• 04 Dance of Hope
• 05 Ballad for the Good Ones
• 06 Friendship Is Gold
• 07 Hypersailor
• 08 Lullabite
• 09 Odd Boy
• 10 Don't Be Scared of Trying
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