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Il Segno Del Comando - L'encanto Dello Zero

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A must have album from Black Widow
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April 30, 2019
Right off, from the opening bars of deeply resonant church organ together with the sinister accompanying toll of clattering bells, I was totally transfixed with this hypnotic, atmospheric haunting and strangely disturbing album. This is indeed an album of many phases and twists and turns ranging from the powerfully melodic to the chilling madness of a cinematic kind of chaotic horror show.

The album certainly flows, not just through the excellent music alone but the whole affair is packed to the brim with an amalgam of quite weird and clever compositional ideas. Ideas that chill your spine and have you imagining all sorts of strange happenings. A preverbal audio vehicle to transport you to unreal visual soundscapes of utter weirdness and doorways to Satanistic happenings.
The impression of. Maybe. being delivered to a circus of horrible psychedelic happenings comes to mind. Just so deliciously creepy in parts!!!

This slick beautifully staged music ranges from the meticulously controlled of that which can compared to the warmness of a perfect summers day over to the cacophony, mayhem and frenzy of a powerful winters storm. In fact, I have to say, the arrangements are so brilliantly clever in the way that the music changes from one aspect of a musical soundscape through to some other diverse setting, so flawlessly, for the listener to experience. Certainly the term experience emphasizes the fact that this is a not just a set of songs but indeed a complete musical journey.
Saturated with offbeat time signatures, and at times seemingly fragmented with discordant instrumental layering you would think that such a cacophony of audio happenings would be difficult to absorb and appreciate. But actually and completely the opposite is true. The superb percussive element throughout is made up of energetic and powerfully delivered drumming full of complex time signatures and packed with oodles of different rhythmic patterns. The fluidity of the lead guitar flavours the proceedings with both delicate, meaningful and absorbing moments that you wish would never end. There is a controlled measure of enjoyable heavy metal riffing which adds both spice and movement to some of the various musical segments. Whilst there are many flurries of solo keyboards coming to the fore that mostly provide sustain, colour and the important fill characteristics to glue together all of the individual components allowing the guitars and / or vocals arrangements to come to the fore.

The vocals, mostly male, are very various in nature and throughout are beautifully administered and delivered with great character in what could be a the score of rock opera or powerful musical stage show.

Summary. A magical album, full of interesting music

Line Up:
Diego Banchero (bass)
Riccardo Morello (vocals, keyboards)
Davide Bruzzi (guitars, keyboards)
Roberto Lucanato (guitars)
Fernando Cherchi (drums)
Beppi Menozzi (keyboards)

Biography From Website
Il Segno del Comando started in Genoa, Italy, in 1995 as a studio project. It released the first same titled LP one year later, on Black Widow Records. The main core of the band is to make an opera that recovers past aesthetic and sound atmospheres. The record gravitated around the well known novel written by Giuseppe D'Agata, who inspired both the band and the same named TV Series produced by Italian Radio and Television channel RAI in the seventies.
Musically speaking, the band use a jazz-rock-prog-dark-soundtrack approach.

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