Dreamwalkers Inc –First Re-Draft - Dreamwalkers Inc –First Re-Draft

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Dreamwalkers Inc –First Re-Draft
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Vocal orientated Prog Metal
(Updated: January 31, 2019)
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January 29, 2019
Formally known as ‘TDW’ the initials of their illustrious musical composer, arranger, and producer ‘Tom de Wit’, they now, as a band, trade under the new moniker of ‘Dreamwalkers INC’. It’s always a risk changing a band name, particularly as there was nothing wrong with ‘TDW’ but maybe ‘Dreamwalkers Inc’ kind of shares the credits more fairly amongst the rest of the band?
In my opinion, distinct similarities to early ‘Nightwish’ the ‘Dreamwalkers Inc’ pursue a powerfully energetic brand of melodic symphonic metal with a light flavoring of punk. Indeed it is an album of excellent music throughout the eight tracks which are neatly saturated with composite layers of well-structured harmonic vocals that are in turn set within a distinctly modern progressive arrangement of tight time changes and instrumental interchanges.

I particularly liked the fascinating intricate harmonic vocal arrangements which encompass so many different guises including an element of religious type chant, all of which support and enhance that of the main lead vocal. I can imagine many hours of intense studio practice with the band as they strived to perfect the complicated strata’s of vocal enterprise and particularly the precise timing involved. It is indeed a nice full rich choral sound that is both fascinating and enjoyable. I’m not, of course, dismissing the quality of the dual lead vocals, which are extremely good too, but is the level of enhancement provided by the chorus that elevates the resultant sound to such extreme heights.

With respect to instrumentation, there really is so much going on throughout the entire score. The particularly frenetic drumming throughout creates a solid platform that allows the keyboards to provide a nice wash of colour to fill and bridge between the various sections of music. Then cleverly interposed to drive the music on are slices of heavier metal riffing that add bursts of energy between the glorious vocal sections. Then the icing on the cake are some simply wonderful lead guitar sections which soar and sway adding even more fascination to overall sound.

Finally, this is certainly not first time listening as subsequent plays reveal delicate piano runs and swathes of deeply resonant cello bursts that altogether add greatly to the finished product...

Summary: A brilliant example of modern symphonic progressive metal executed by excellent musicians and vocalists.

Artwork: Interesting black and white drawing of what looks like stick insects?

Dreamwalkers Inc Members:
Tom de Wit – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Synths
Lennert Kemper – Guitar, Vocals
Norbert Veenbrink – Guitar
Joey Klerkx – Guitar, Vocals
Vincent Reuling – Synths, Vocals
Radina Dimcheva – Vocals
Peter den Bakker – Bass
Kenneth Martens – Drums

It will be available worldwide through Layered Reality Productions in a lavish digibook package and on the bigger music streaming platforms.

1: Endless
2: Mourning After
3: Happy Day
4: Innerburn
5: Dreamwalk
6: New Strength
7: Your Room
8: My Loss

The physical edition of the album will feature a special book-like cover with an extensive 24 page booklet with handdrawn artwork by our regular coverartist Maarten Gunsing.

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