Toundra - Vortex

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Toundra - Vortex

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A good album of interesting instrumental progressive rock styled guitar.
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August 26, 2018
Hidden behind the heavy exterior of full on dominant riffing and the associated cascading intenseness of powerful drumming there are many melodic moments to be absorbed as the music switches between its individual phases. Generally and through the eight tracks the twin guitar line up of rhythm and lead present an ever-changing emergence of intermingled chord and individual note progressions. Within the body of the composite guitar sound there are many variations of delivery ranging from a distinctly ‘mandolin’ guise, instances of metalistic riffing and an abundance of very tuneful melodic lead guitar note sequences that build up into perfectly arranged crescendos of sound. And so whilst the music is totally instrumental in nature it is packed solid with interesting guitar techniques and lovely combinations of percussive interplay where intricately formed time signatures hold sway and dominate the proceedings.

As is common with this kind of guitar led instrumental progressive rock it takes several plays to uncover the actual depth of compositional skill that is integrated within each of the tracks and how the individual instrumental layers have been assembled. Particularly relevant are the added synthesizer elements which bring about both colourfal atmospheric string effects and a stylish gtitty enhancement into the percussive department.

Without doubt the delivery of the music is highly energetic and consequently such flamboyance needs to be powerfully delivered in terms of volume. It is though strangely relaxing and certainly listening to it on headphones is very enjoyable. In my opinion they are not typically a Spanish sounding band, more probably British in style I would suggest. I would imagine ‘Toundra’ would be great to see live and this confirmed in the press notes that they are one of the most applauded instrumental acts in Europe and were featured at some of the most important festivals, including Primavera Sound & FIB.

Summary: A good album of interesting instrumental progressive rock styled guitar.

Cover Art: Press kit Version, looks adequate.

TOUNDRA – Vortex (49:21)
1. Intro Vortex (01:30)
2. Cobra (06:30)
3. Tuareg (08:14)
4. Cartavio (02:16)
5. Kingston Falls (04:16)
6. Mojave (11:10)
7. Roay Neary (02:04)
8. Cruce Oeste (07:21)

Alberto Tocados: bass, synths
Álex Pérez: drums, drum machine
David López: guitars
Esteban Girón: guitars, piano
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