Roberto Frattini - La memoria delle maschere

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Roberto Frattini - La memoria delle maschere

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August 10, 2018
I have very little information in respect to this artist despite having spent some time researching the internet and the fact that this album was released in 2014 He is a member of the Italian band Sistra. And so the review of this album, under scrutiny here, is based on the little information I have. I could be totally wrong but the major presumption I have made, after listening to the arrangement of the music, is that this is the work of a multi-instrumentalist and not a band or collective. But whatever, It certainly is nonetheless a musical experience, a journey through the realms of psychedelic guitar weirdness. A project which improves with each play and by that I mean it is not an easy album to immediately access and it certainly takes several spins to focus onto what it might be all about. Even though the overall musical direction points towards an infusion of psychedelic guitar histrionics and various guitar playing techniques. It is actually quite a mixed bag of different musical elements ranging from slices of beautifully melodic finger picking and slide guitar work mixed with avant-garde experimental, distorted blues and discordant but funky bass melody lines.

The main body of the music is interesting with a multitude of different guitar exhalations emanating from the main thread of the music. Little bursts of harmonica and simple keyboard textures can be picked up and certainly it sounds like ‘Roberto’ is having lots of fun multi-tracking and adding experimental psychedelic infusions, during the compositional assembly of the various tracks. At times the music really does turn into a full on cacophony of sound rather akin to an unpoliced 1970s hippy festival but at other times the music is well ordered, and executed in strict tempo. The vocals too follow a rather similar erratic pattern inasmuch that they vary between gruff, off key and untrained to quite pleasant and listenable, is it all Roberto –not sure?. One things for sure is that the whole affair has stacks of movement, is thoroughly interesting and is eminently listenable from start to finish.

Again another presumption here inasmuch that the title of the CD in English equates to ‘Frattini-the memory of the masks’ and yes I can see that this is a perfect title whereby our ‘Roberto’ is spilling out all of his guitar expertise and plying his skills behind several guises, maybe a bit of ‘showboating’ but certainly not putting all his eggs in one basket! A great guitarist, no doubt!

Summary: An interesting amalgam of melodic guitar sequences meets the psyche devil with a distinctive mask of other various guitar styles. Good fun too!

Artwork: Based only on my promo download it looks quite good.

Track listing:-
1. Gioco di parole
2 Il minimo vitale
3 Doppelganger
4 Diorama
5 Lo stile dell'abbandono
6 Perdo tempo
7 La forma migliore
8 Broke down engine
9 Card shuffling
10 Explicit
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