Playgrounded - In Time With Gravity

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Playgrounded - In Time With Gravity

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Possibly should be called ”Grounded”
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March 28, 2018
First thing to mention is that although the band are from Greece they have set up residency in Holland probably because there are greater opportunities for recording their kind of electronic endorsed music in Northern Europe than Greece?
Certainly if any expectations might be imagined that, due to the bands Hellenic heritage, the music on this CD would contain ecclesiastical Klephtic melodic vocals swathed in overtures of tuneful bouzouki, however, any such prospective purchaser, with that in mind, would be sorely disappointed.

Generally the format of the music, throughout the eight tracks, is the creation of a platform of rhythmic drumming into which are entwined a variety of electronic pulses and disturbances that further develop and extend the percussive elements of the overall sound. This then, as the basic constructive arrangement, lends support for a further proliferation of other sound combinations including sections of penetratingly moody guitar riffs and various sultry keyboard interventions. The vocal side of the delivery which is utilized on this album can be summed up as being fairly monotone in style with very little variation in projection, intonation or dynamics. Maybe this kind of vocal arrangement was exactly how it was engineered and produced to purposely fit in with the style of the music. I say this because I can detect that the vocalist has actually got a decent voice but it is, in my opinion, being constrained. The lyrics too really too did not make much sense to me.

Without doubt ‘Progplanet’ is totally the wrong review platform for this kind of music which although interesting in parts is totally devoid of any kind of progressive elements in terms of subtle time changes, lead guitar and keyboard interplay and of course any melodic symphonic interest.

This is the second album from ‘Playgrounded’ and in my opinion I find it hard to draw any comparison with any other bands that come to mind. For some reason I’m tempted to say “Kraftwork” but that is just me rambling on. Anyway I understand from the various press releases that “Playgrounded” have supported the likes of ‘Riverside’ and ‘Anathema’ which to be honest seems a strange conflict of fan base interests.

Summary: Very little here of interest for progressive rock aficionados.

Artwork: Nicely designed package.

Band Members
Odisseas Zafeiriou : Bass
Orestis Zafeiriou : Keys and Programming.
Stavros Markonis : Vocals
Giorgos Pouliasis :Drums
Michael Kotsirakis : Guitars

Tracks :
1. Crossing.
2. Mute.
3. Waves.
4. In Time With Gravity.
5. Rotterdam The Stranger. A) Funeral, B) Killing. C) Verdict
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