Necronomicon - Verwundete Stadt

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Necronomicon - Verwundete Stadt

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Complete Symphonic Delight
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November 01, 2017
For me, this album sums up completely and utterly why I love this genera of music. The magical combinations of fluid melodic guitar interposed with such beautiful breathtaking keyboard segments all wonderfully structured and molded together to form an entire collection of total symphonic delights. This is pure unadulterated progressive music “seventies style” played by a collection of wonderfully talented musicians who quite incidentally hail from the seventies period having been responsible for some monster progressive rock output from that period and in particular “Tips Zum Selbsmordt” which became a massive collector’s item around the world. The sheer scale of the melodic appeal contained within this beautiful album obscures the fact that there are multitudes of complex arrangements built within the framework of the music which might, on first play, go unnoticed. In effect within the various musical constructions, there are little shifts of tempo, many deviations in the phrasing and then throughout little colourful guitar and keyboard interjections which act as little triggers to set the music off in varied directions such as little sprinklings of jazz tinged interludes, majestic shards of church organ, deeply resonant saxophone, exquisite flute, fantastic tuneful bass and sharp dynamic drumming throughout all adding to the wonderful progressive mixture. Furthermore all of the vocals are sang in the home language of German, which for me is the absolute perfect icing on the cake adding style and both drama and ambience throughout. You really do feel the sense of enjoyment these guys are having together as they strut their stuff throughout this albums worth of exceptionally tuneful progressive wonderment. I would suspect that they are performing together for the love of the music and that any personal gain is purely secondary. Every step of the way throughout these six tracks is such a enjoyable listening experience that you never want to ever end this is without doubt the most complete and enjoyable album of 2017 for me and a great addition to anyone’s collection. A must for every symphonic prog enthusiast.

Summary: Every now and then an album blows you away, this is one of them.

Artwork: Hard to tell from the internet how good the artwork actually is.

1. Trostlose Stadt (5:32)
2. Licht Und Schatten (8:34)
3. Frühling In Fukushima (6:30)
4. Alle Jahre Wieder (12:10)
5. Verwundete Stadt Berlin (5:11)
6. Licht Und Schatten (3:39)

Harald Bernhard - drums, vocals
Helmut Herzog - keyboards, vocals
Walter Sturm - guitar, vocals
Norbert Breuer - guitar, vocals
Gerd Libber - bass, vocals
Karl Swiontek - flute

A quick note from Walter Sturm –Lead Guitar -We never had any affinity to esotherics or even Satanism (like some other bands who later on also captured the name of Lovecrafts's fictional book surely show). We did not want to address the NECRONOMICON's fictitious evils but the real worlds problems like pollution, menace of radioactivity, wars and imbalance between super rich and super poor people. The last topics are also main topics of our new record dealing with the manifold problems of modern citys all over the world.
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