Sigma - Mother of Millions

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Sigma - Mother of Millions

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October 13, 2017
“Mother of Millions” is a Greek five-piece band based in Athens and although they have been together as a unit for the past ten years it is only fairly recently that their progressive rock (with metal overtones) musical direction was fully realized when in 2014 they assembled and released their critically acclaimed concept album entitled “Human” Now some three years later they are releasing a follow up album entitled “Sigma” which is indeed another conceptual project the contents of which are possibly even more grandiose in style and ambition. The entire album is loud, audacious and packed to the brim with a considerable variety of different progressive and other world musical styles and altogether embroiled with an abundance of movement and pace entwined with time changes galore.
The dramatic opening sequence of the first track certainly sets the scene for things to come with a deeply toned narrated passage set within a background of intense sustained guitar, somber piano and choral effects all of which open up to culminate with a crescendo of heavier mixed instrumental chord sequences. And so the structure of the music throughout the album follows a complex route of ever-changing rhythmic guitar patterns, delightful piano interchanges and multitudes of more heavily structured progressive metal sequences phasing in and out of the mix. The vocals too are well delivered throughout and expertly follow the ever-changing flow of the musical patterns as they vary from the quieter periods of relative calm through to the buildup of the much more intense heavier noisy sequences. Strangely and in my opinion. The vocals and complicated lyrics do not stand out as being an individually identifiable component thus restricting the opportunity for the listener to join in and sing along with as you would expect from an audience at a concert. They are in effect very much part of the overall amalgamation of the sound almost, in a sense, like a separate musical instrument in the mix. So I would say very much, in true progressive style, music for the listener.
The standard of instrumentation is very high with wonderful piano contributions, exciting rhythm guitar, forceful percussion, interesting bass lines and precise lead guitar. There is a pleasing eclectic mix of Greek style music which has been integrated in patches amongst the tracks. So far as the subject matter in respect to the conceptual aspect of the album is concerned I’m really not sure, at the time of my review, as to what it is all about, but maybe with the aid of Google and closer attention paid to the narrated segments I might one day sit down and try to fathom it all out.

Summary: An interesting and enjoyable mixture of progressive rock styles with metal overtones.

Artwork: Basic and fairly drab.

Band Members
George Prokopiou (vocals)
Kostas Konstantinidis (guitars)
Panos Priftis (bass)
Makis Tsamkosoglou (keyboards, samples)
George Boukaouris (drums, percussions)

1. Emerge.
2. Shine.
3. Silence.
4. Rome.
5. Their Passage, the Light.
6. Collision.
7. The Rapure..
8. Spiral.
9. Sigma.

Info from the internet.
Sigma is the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. It is the initial of the Greek word "Σιωπή", meaning Silence.
Sigma is also used as a symbol for the summation operator. "Silence has the sound of shame."We are submissive to unspoken rules of obedience, which are sealed with a spiral of silence. Our chains are bound to break by speaking out as a mass, as a musical ensemble willing to sing out liberation.

The name “Mother of Millions” comes from the plant Bryophyllum delagoense also known as Mother of Millions. Bryophyllum delagoense reproduces by seed and by tiny plantlets that are produced at the tips of its fleshy (succulent) leaves. Dislodged leaves and broken leaf parts can also take root and give rise to new plants. This species is commonly spread in garden waste. The tiny seeds are probably wind and water dispersed and its leaves and plantlets may also be dislodged and spread by animals, vehicles, machinery, soil and slashers.
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