Dick - Dangerous Dreams

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Dick - Dangerous Dreams

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Dicks Dream
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September 02, 2017
As I settled down with my headphones firmly in place for the first trip into the musical world of “Dick” and as the initial disjointed vocal meanderings of track one floated across to my brain I couldn’t but help reach out to check the CD sleeve to see if had, by mistake, picked up and put on an album of past “Eurovision Contest” failures. But after persevering I came to the conclusion that this guy has some extremely good ideas and has put together some really nice melodic music. The big problem though is that “Dicks” vocals are truly awful and totally unbearable to deal with over a full album. I even played this album to a couple of guys from my progressive music appreciation group to get a second opinion and they were of the same opinion. The musical composition and arrangements are very interesting and well assembled and so in a way it is a great pity that “Dick” who from the listed credits has had a massive hand in the production, output and artistic control has not brought in a specialist vocalist to deal with the singing. A trained vocalist too would have, I’m sure, helped sort out some of the cumbersome and sometimes daft lyrics and without doubt turned this into an extremely worthwhile and sought after album. The name “Dick” too is not commercially attractive in my opinion.
There are though many good points about this album. For a start the songs are all nicely arranged with plenty of movement and variations in tempo. The hooks too are all pretty good throughout with some enjoyable synthesizer effects incorporated and which in turn nicely fuse the music together. Good use too has been made of the various piano fills which add style and drama to the proceedings. Although not quite ever there in terms of progressive fulfillment there are some nice melodic sections of music where everything starts to come together in a pleasing manner with great interplay of the various lead instruments knitting well together. But all in all and besides the lack of finesse in the vocal department this as a solo project, in my opinion, would be that “Dick” badly needed additional guidance in getting the lyrics put together in a stronger fashion, because quite seriously they are mostly badly structured and sometimes meaningless in terms of overall content and interest. Now in rating this album there lies a problem and certainly I would have marked higher if the vocals had been of better quality.

Summary: Some interesting musical arrangements but with poor vocals and uncomplicated lyrics.

Cover Art: Slightly amaturist in style and layout but quite nice.

Dick is a rock musician from Finland. After performing as a drummer and a singer in different bands and producing two albums plus an EP with the crossover punk metal band Frankie and Gator, he went solo in 2014. Dick has released two studio albums “Dick-S/T” (2014) and “Dangerous nland.
Dick’s music has been mainly labelled as crossover prog and art rock. Dick plays drums, guitars and keyboards as well as sings on his experimental albums. There are plans for a new album in 2018.

1. Back to Hell 05:35
2. Night Flyer 04:50
3. To See Angels 05:56
4. Winter Ghost 04:06
5. Woman 06:18
6. Hand In Hand 07:36
7. Show Me A Girl 08:17
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