End of a Dream - Until You Break

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End of a Dream - Until You Break

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End of a Dream
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Start of a dream (maybe)
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August 23, 2017
This is the second album, from “End of a Dream” who are a very melodic rock band, from Hertogensboch, with a distinctly metal edge to their musical output. In truth the album comprises a set of very will conceived and beautifully constructed songs which, if they had the notion, could easily be adapted to fit into the popular chart music arena but their chosen avenue of symphonic metal does, in one way, give them an extra edge from an overall interest point of view but on the other hand might limit their appeal to the maybe, smaller rock market. But not withstanding such commercial considerations this is a fast moving and very catchy set of tunes spearheaded by the glorious voice of lead singer “Micky Huijsmans” whose beautifully exquisite vocal talents totally encapture your full attention throughout the eleven tracks. But, as easy as it is, to concentrate solely on the vocal side of things it would be a complete disservice to the rest of the band who, without doubt are a set of extremely competent musicians. For example much of the credit must go to “Armen Shamelian” on keyboards / guitar who has so beautifully constructed all of the songs both in terms of the music and lyrics. The framework of each song is deeply set within a foundation of lovely keyboard swathes and in particularly nice well considered piano sequences which come to the fore with successive plays of the album. As mentioned previously there is a strong melodic emphasis to the tunes with nice story lines and beautifully constructed hooks. As a song writer “Armen” will never be short of work and may well go on to much bigger things outside of this band. The rest of the bands musicians too add great dimension to the musical output by creating the more modern heavier metal element to the sound, great metal riffing by “Robin van Ekeren” and a very solid time keeping force in the shape of “Tim van den Hooven” on bass and “Pim Geraets” drums and percussion. Of course it is too easy to only make a passing reference to the engine room of the band and that is why it is necessary from a review perspective to listen several times to the recorded output and that is when you are more likely to pick up such lovely subtle bass runs and forceful drumming that exists on this album. The female vocals are, without doubt, the most notable feature of the proceedings and there are also some lovely, over dubbed, duel harmonies to enjoy.

Summary: A very entertaining and especially melodic heavy rock album with distinctly metal overtones and superb female vocals.

Cover Art: Nice fairly informative CD insert.

1. Until You Break.
2. Who Do You Think You Are.
3. Erase Me.
4. Wakeless.
5. The Heart In Me
6. I Am Nothing.
7. Defile.
8. From Your Sky
9. In My Hands.
10. Your Poison.
11. The Light
All tracks written by Armen Shamelian
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