I have loved music as long as I remember, beginning in the 60´ through the 70´ with a special interest for psychedelic, pop, rock and blues.

As the years went by, I was increasingly focused on so called progressive music, a derivative and blend of said genres. Though I must admit that my heart goes out to the more old school part of that ever growing branch of music! I guess my age has a big part in that particular choice?!

In general I love all music as long as it is well played and delivered! BUT, yes there is a BUT, I really have a hard time understanding the more extreme progressive/fusion/jazz rock, as you will realize when reading my many reviews here on this site!

This site, I have created with my dear friends: Leo (R.I.P my friend) & Rudy many many moons ago!! Read Rudy´s info for correct annual dates!! Without them and later Dorte, there would not be a Progplanet!!

But here we are, strong as ever and determent to be the best little progsite from Scandinavia!! Progmusic never dies, it may sleep, but it never dies!!

On a personal note, we have implemented some of my artwork, divided into three sections: Photoshop, Canvas paintings and pencil - black ink!

Take a peek at my workshop where most of the reviews and art has been createt.


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