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Osanna - Tempo

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An evening of superb Italian Progressive Music


January 22, 2017
Set in the rather small but (seemingly) acoustically perfect "Trianon Theatre", on October 24th 2012, Osanna returned to their hometown roots of Naples to perform a concert of totally splendid Italian progressive rock music. This concert was captured on film and has been lovingly re-produced in the form of a DVD which is the subject of this review. The only surviving member of the original 70s Osanna lineup is front-man vocalist / acoustic guitarist Lino Vairetti but around him now has been assembled a very fine set of top class musicians. Osanna have, from their inception, been known for the mix of theatrical drama with their musical output and whilst the long Bohemian attire of their past no longer feature as part of their stage costume the bright and colourful face painting certainly is. Of course the marked exception is Lino Vairetti himself resplendent, for awhile, in some kind of bright red military uniform as he kicks off the proceedings. The concert itself is divided into two halves. Part One is entitled 'Songs' and comprises a selection of their older material and in which a host of guest musicians join the band on stage. Notable amongst these are Balletto Di Bronzo's keyboard player and vocalist Gianni Leone, former Van Der Graaf Generator saxophonist and flute player David Jackson, former King Crimson violinist and keyboard player David Cross. Part Two also entitled 'Songs' and in which the band is joined on stage by a mini string section. The whole show is fast moving and colourful with wonderful musicianship throughout combining natural talent and technical aptitude. The Lino and Irvin Vairetti (father and son) partnership is particularly thrilling to watch and certainly the charisma of Lino has been fully transferred to his son Irvin and they combine their vocalizing wonderfully well together. But that is not all, there is so much more to extol about, for example, I was totally transfixed by the brilliance of guitarist Poko Capobianco and saxophonist David Jackson as they frequently switched lead roles. There are far too many highlights with the guest musicians to fully describe but one or two stand out as being really special: the duet "There Will Be Time" featuring Lino Vairetti and Giampiero Ingrassia is truly wonderful, magical in fact, plus to add to the beauty of the moment the guitar solo during this song as it breaks through is totally majestic. I would also highlight the spot in the show featuring Gianni Leone on keyboards which is very special indeed.
The second DVD in the set, entitled "Osanna Story" comprises a historic compilation of live TV clips from 1971 to 1978.

Summary: This DVD is a recording of Osanna in concert together with a whole host of guest musicians. The whole package is a superb treat for all progressive fans but even more so for those interested in the wonderfully melodic and symphonic inclined field of Italian progressive music. The show itself is fast moving, colourful and extremely entertaining.

Artwork and Packaging: The entire DVD package is beautifully presented and contains a superb booklet crammed with information and details of the concert

Osanna - Tempo

The tracks:
Live in Naples. Primo Tempo - Side 1
1- Rosso Rock
2- Pazzariello / Piergiorgio
3- Fuje 'a Chistu Paese
4- Intro Animale
5- Mirror Train
6- Taka Boom
7- L'Uomo (includes Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze)
8- Ce Vulesse Ce Vulesse
9- A Zingara
10- Oro Caldo
11- L'Amore Vincera' Di Nuovo
12- Introduzione (Il Balletto Di Bronzo)
13- Everybody's Gonna See You Die
14- In Un Vecchio Cieco
15- Vado Verso Una Meta
16- Theme One (Van Der Graaf Generator)
Secondo Tempo - side 2 -
Milano Calibro 9 Orchestra Rosso Rock Ensemble
17- Preludio
18- Tema
19- Tempo/Dianalogo
20- Spunti Dallo Spartito N.1472 Del Prof Imolo Meninge
21- To Plinius
22- My Mind Flies
23- 13° Cortile/Tempo
24- Posizione Raggiunta
25- There Will Be Time - Preludio Ripresa Finale
26- Per la strada (From Orfeo 9 by Tito Schipa Jr.)
27- Fiume
28- Fuje 'A Chistu Paese
29- O Culore 'e Napule
30- Fuje 'A Chistu Paese
31- Backstage (footage)
32- Rosso Rock Video Clip Osanna

DVD 2 - Osanna Story - 20 video clips (1971 - 2009)
1- L'Uomo (from "Speciale Pop" - TV Koper, 1971)
2- Money (from "Speciale Tre Milioni" - RAI, 1971)
3- L'Uomo (from "Speciale Tre Milioni" - RAI, 1971)
4- L'Uomo (from "Stasera Si" - RAI, 1971)
5- L'Uomo (from "Domenica Insieme" - RAI, 1971)
6- Non Sei Vissuto Mai (from "Amico Flauto" - RAI, 1972)
7- Animale Senza Respiro (live in Rome - RAI, 1972)
8- Variazioni 1 / 2 (from "Tutto è Pop" - RAI, 1972)
9- Oro Caldo (from "Adesso Musica" - RAI, 1973)
10- Be - In / Naples (from "Adesso Musica" - RAI, 1973)
11- A Zingara (from "Domenica In" - RAI, 1978)
12- L'Uomo (from CD "Taka Boom" - 2000)
13- Ce Vulesse Ce Vulesse (from "Uomini E Miti" - 2001)
14- Oro Caldo - Fuje 'a chistu Paese ("Uomini e Miti" - 2001)
15- There Will Be Time ("Concerto per l'Epifania" - 2009)
16- L'Uomo (from live in Savona - 2009)
17- Landscape of Life (from live in Savona - 2009)
18- Everybody's Gonna See You Die (live in Savona - 2009)
19- Solo Uniti (from live in Savona - 2009)
20- Sogni d'Oro (from live in Savona - 2009)
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