Johanna Lillvik - Johanna Lillvik

Johanna Lillvik - Johanna Lillvik

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Johanna Lillvik - Johanna Lillvik

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Johanna Lillvik
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April 19, 2017
This is a very enjoyable set of well sung melodic songs with some nice hooks and interesting musical arrangements. Each song is exquisitely characterized with its own personal charm of diverse tempos and especially the quite weird arcane lyrical content. Singer songwriter Johanna Lilvik certainly injects an abundance of passion and colour into her compositions both vocally and instrumentally. Her powerful voice with its pleasant jazzy kind of edge even embraces some inroads, as per track five (One of these days), dabbling’s into the territory of “Dan Hicks” style Western Swing. Clearly too and very much central to her compositional skills lie her accomplished tinkling’s on the ivories where again she displays a versatility of various styles, tempos and rhythm’s. I get the impression that Johanna could easily and competently stage a full production under her own steam and without any kind of instrumental support but here on this EP in conjunction with her vocal and piano contributions she is supported by a collection of very fine musicians who add depth and complexity to the overall sound and besides the backbone guitar, bass and drums include some beautiful string arrangements, cool haunting trumpet and woodwind interjections. Note: I wasn’t able to positively establish if this is a regular touring band or a collection of session musicians. The EP comprises five separate and quite differentently styled tracks which have no doubt been selected and arranged to showcase the full range of her vocal abilities and songwriting skills. This though, as a mini album with such variety, presents some difficulty in categorizing the genre of the musical style. This shouldn’t be the case of course but it certainly does not belong to the family housing the “Progressive Rock” groupings’ and yet it is a bit too smart and refined to be referred to as simply pop. Sticking my nose out I would suggest that such music would appeal very much to the AOR market and in particular fans of Kate Bush, Amy Winehouse, maybe even, with some reservation, Steely Dan.

Summary: An interesting set of five accomplished self-penned songs showcasing the quirky talents of Swedish singer /songwriter Johanna Lillvik.

Artwork: Basic but comprehensive cover fronted with a photo of Johanna, sadly no track lyrics are included which is a shame as they are very much a part of the make up of this artist.

1. Cinderella Stepsisters
2. Sadistic Love Song.
3. It Was A Day.
4. Murky Waters.
5. One of These Days.

Johanna Lillvik –Vocals, Piano (Composer)
Kim Gunneriusson – Drums
Joakim Sarenpaa-Bass
Four Piece String Section.
Anders Gustafsson –Trumpet
Maria Ringsen- Flute
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