Quiet World - The Road

Quiet World - The Road

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Quiet World - The Road

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Quiet World
2016 - Re-Issue
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A quietly good reissue on the road


April 03, 2017
Originally released in 1971 on the record label “Dawn” a subsidiary of Pye Records which was set up largely as Pye's 'underground and progressive' label, a rival of the EMI and Phonogram equivalents, Harvest and Vertigo. Now thankfully this lovely example of British whimsical progressive rock, a true embodiment of those wonderful early experimental music days, has been re-released. As was common practice in those early days “The Road” is a conceptual album and in this case flavored with religious leanings (actually based on the cult book by L.H.Dowling entitled “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ”.) Hopefully this time around it will find more commercial success than it did when it was first released nearly fifty years ago. The music on the album comprises of seventeen interconnecting tracks in which the melodic layered vocals mostly take predominance but never-the-less the underlying instrumentation is beautifully arranged with flurries of a multitude of different brass, string and woodwind instruments with everything coming spasmodically and alternatively to the fore such as saxophone, piano, trumpet, organ, acoustic guitar etc. It could be said that the instrumental side of the band is purely a vehicle for the story telling vocalists / composers Lea & John Heather, there are however several nice passages of lead guitar, flute and saxophone which either run parallel or actually interchange to pick up the central lead instrumental role, even if is for only a brief moment or two. Steve Hacket so beautifully delivers, throughout the entire works, an amazing array of sublime textures on lead guitar to provide exquisite touches of colour to the framework of the music. You can even hear, at this early stage of his career, how much he would eventually influence the music of Genesis. The individual songs are all beautifully composed bursting with pretty melodies and nice two part harmonies which are well delivered by vocalists Lea and John Heather. As mentioned earlier the subject matter of the lyrics are of a religious nature and as such this fact might put some people off, but not with-standing that fact the music is very catchy with nice hooks and it all has a distinctly “Sing Along” appeal. The album also includes some nice additional bonus A & B side singles tracks.

Summary: A very welcome and nice to have re-issue of an early UK song based “hard to find” progressive rock album with infectious melodic songs and featuring a young Steve Hacket on lead guitar.

Artwork: The original artwork has been lovingly re-produced and includes the lyrics together with interesting additional information about the band.

1. The Great Birth / Theme
2. First Light.
3. Theme.
4. Star.
5. Theme.
6. Loneliness and Grief
7. Theme–Change of Age.
8. Christ One.
9. Hang On.
10. Christ Continued.
11. Body To The Mind.
12. Traveller.
13. Let Everybody Sing.
14. Theme.
15. Children of the World.
16. Change of Age
17. Love Is Walking.
18. Miss Whittington BONUS
19. There Is A Mountain. BONUS
20. Rest Comfortably BONUS.
21. Gemina BONUS
22. The Visitor BONUS.
23. Sam BONUS

Band Line Up :
John Heather –Acoustic Guitar / Vocals. Lea Heather –Vocals.
Sean O’Malley – Drums. Eddy Hines –Flute / Sax. Steve Hackett –Guitars
Dick Diver -Bass Phil Henderson –Keyboards / Trumpet/Vocals
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