Karmamoi - Silence Between Sounds

Karmamoi - Silence Between Sounds

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Karmamoi - Silence Between Sounds

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Betwixt & Between


April 02, 2017
Apparently this project has been two years in the making and it is, without doubt, time well spent because what we have here is a stunning well-honed and polished recording comprising of eight superb tracks. The whole album is just so beautifully arranged and put together, with a whole host of delightful interconnecting musical sections all of which embrace a multitude of subtle time changes or more to the point changes in direction which cleverly pull the listeners attention firmly onboard. A key feature to these changes of direction is the use of the piano in playing little bridge sequences’, maybe only a bar or two but just sufficient to differentiate between the end of one part of the section of music and the introduction of the next movement thus allowing each of the other instruments to either fade out or come to the fore as required. In this respect every instrument contributes greatly with some stunning bass lines and a very wide-ranging array of seriously good drumming. The lead guitar without being over boisterous plays some nice steady interesting lines a mixture of melodic gentle melodies together with periods of harder edged riffing. The interest level of each individual track though is further broadened by the wispy dreamlike. Jazz tinged vocals of the three appointed female singers whose individual contributions for certain specific tracks are quite wonderful and really do add a further dimension to the overall sound of the music. There are some sections where, I guess, the female vocals have been overdubbed to provide some very nice two part harmony effects. As you listen more and more to the album you start to discover lots of little interspersions of different instruments which enhance the music greatly and add colour to the proceedings. Generally the music, in my opinion, has a very British seventies feel about it, but then again the dreamlike female vocals (yes all three of them on their separate tracks) do very much remind me of Amy Winehouse material. However, when the music is flowing alone without the vocals any suggestion along these lines can be totally disregarded and can be viewed as being part of the progressive rock makeup of this album.

Summary: A really nice album packed with interesting songs and superb musicianship throughout and further enhanced with periods of beautiful “Amy Winehouse” style jazz tinged vocals.

Artwork: Unlike the normal grandiose Italian artwork this, in comparison, is a bit of a dull looking nondescript cover on this digipak CD with a minimum of information, Fortunately the music itself makes up for the plain uninteresting cover.

Alex Massacre : Guitar
Daniele Giovannoni : Drums & Keyboards.
Alessandro Cefali : Bass
Plus Guest
Fabio Tempesta : Second Guitar All Tracks and Guitar Solo Tracks 3 and 4

Tracks :
1. Silence Between The Sounds.
2. Nashira. (Vocalist Sara Rinaldi)
3. Atma. (Vocalist Hellina)
4. Sirio. (Vocalist Irene Morelli )
5. Martes. (Vocalist Sara Rinaldi and Irene Morelli)
6. Plato’s Cave. (Vocalist Sara Rinaldi)
7. Lost Days. (Vocalist Serina Ciacci)
8. Canis Majoris. (Vocalist Sara Rinaldi) Irene Morelli
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