Mark Bogert - Painting The World

Mark Bogert - Painting The World

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Mark Bogert - Painting The World

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Mark Bogert
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Painting with a guitar


March 29, 2017
In this project, the very first solo album by ”Knight Area’s” guitarist Mark Bogert, is very much displayed what is a remarkable armory of talent with multitudes of various axe trickery conjured up by the artist as he gives us a masterclass on the electric guitar progressive metal style. Well actually it is much more than just progressive metal as he manages to pack in many other various styles of play in this exclusively instrumental rock album. His dexterous finger work is quite amazing as he moves rapidly between the various passages with intricate runs and then with such skill somehow managing to suddenly inject subtle time variations to allow the music to turn off in other directions. Now, on the whole, albums of a strictly instrumental nature can often tend towards the boring end of the rock music spectrum but this is refreshingly different with interesting tunes that have an abundance of melodic charm. To assist on this project Mark has enrolled his fellow ‘Knight Area’ chums Peter Vink on bass guitar and PieterVan Hoorn on drums and although this album is all about Mark the guitarist extraordinaire they do, without any frills or moments of excess, provide a totally solid backdrop of timekeeping in full support of the music. Listening to the album in total you immediately conclude that Mark is an extremely versatile guitarist and that he is able to play many styles from chords, fingerpicking, hammer-ons, pull off’s, power chords power riffs, barre chords, pedal effects, distortion and so on. Coupled with this you get a distinct impression that he loves what he does with the guitar and what’s more would be happy playing any kind of music with any kind of band. From my internet research I noted that Mark has been involved with guitar teaching workshops In fact I do not think it out of place here to replicate a short but interesting Mark Bogert profile which I found on-line.

Mark Bogert born on November 8 1983. At the age of seven he got in touch with music, though this was not the guitar yet. Mark started playing the trumpet first. Aged twelve he discovered the guitar. From that moment on the guitar became a part of Mark’s life.
Besides playing the guitar, composing and arranging have played an important role in Mark’s development. He has written compositions and arrangements for various line-ups and regularly travels through Europe to teach and to conduct clinics and workshops.
Mark studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) and during this time played in different bands the most important of which was “Penny’s Twisted Flavour”. Furthermore he played with “Mythlorian” at Wacke Open Air, and played guest solos on the two albums by “Lord Volture” entitled “Beast of thunder” and “Never cri wolf”. Beside Mark’s band activities he also performs as a session musician, and has made a lot of guitar recordings for and with various bands, projects and events.

Summary: An interesting and enjoyable guitar led instrumental solo album by an extremely competent and talented guitarist, full of exciting all action, melodic and well composed tunes every one of which is very good, not one bum track.

Cover Art: My promotional copy is quite basic with what looks like a pencil style sketch of Mark Bogert leading a young aspiring guitarist up a rock in a barren landscape.

01 – Earning the Best
02 – Obstacles in the Universe
03 – Nature of Stone
04 – Friends on Holiday
05 – Learning the Difficulties
06 – Freedom After Wars
07 – Missing the Loved Ones
08 – Running Till the End of Time
09 – Created Lifestyle
10 – A Lifetime Journey
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