Project Nightscape - To Sin Against our Mercies

Project Nightscape - To Sin Against our Mercies

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Project Nightscape - To Sin Against our Mercies

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Project Nightscape
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A Dissapointing Nightscape


March 29, 2017
This is a thirteen track conceptual album based on the series of supernatural thrillers by writer-film director David W. Edwards. The album’s story line concerns a wayfaring, nineteenth-century doctor who encounters a blind boy in communication with the dead.
The opening track, ‘Living in Sacred Time’ delivered so much promise and I thought “Oh good” but from then on it soon drifted into large slices of boring mediocracy. I can only explain that the music itself is a very mixed bag ranging from very good to simply awful and one of the problems for me was that it was like listening to a soundtrack without seeing the film or maybe even a stage presentation behind closed curtains. Generally, the majority of the vocals are simply awful, drab and uninspired with little or no panache and utterly without flair. Obviously, though, there are some exceptions such as the title track (track 9) ‘To Sin against Our Mercies’ which shone like an oasis in the desert. I also got the distinct impression that the music itself was simply engineered to fit the story line without any passion or much thought from the composer other than allowing his /her’s natural musical skills to take over in auto pilot fashion. Yes, there are some clever guitar runs and odd nice moments of very pleasant cello type strings with agreeable keyboard intervention but mostly the overall effect of the resultant sound is one of complete and absolute dreariness. It is without doubt an album which might appeal to readers of the science fiction material written by the above mentioned author but I do not think it would be particularly well received by listeners of good quality progressive rock music and there is certainly no competition here for any of the top bands in the field of “Adult Orientated Rock” particularly as I cannot imagine this being played live anywhere to create any kind of interest for this market
My understanding from internet research is that the musicians included Tony Gaglio on guitar, Vinny Appice (Dio), Mirabai Peart (Joanna Newsom’s band), Tobin Sprout (Guided by Voices) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion.

Summary: A very mixed bag of mostly drab and uninspired rock music with only the odd moments of inspirational delight.

Artwork: A beautifuly designed poster style landscape of sea, sky with a meanacing planet erupting through swirling clouds

To Sin Against Our Mercies tracklisting:
1.   (Living in) Sacred Time 5:37
2.   Only Reason 5:24
3.   Interlude I: The Last Case of Dr. Lacy 1:46
4.   Now Silence! 4:57
5.   Inmortuorum Memorias 5:19
6.   Interlude II: The Dead Buried in the Air 1:29
7.   Occulted 3:47
8.   Exorcised 2:00
9.   To Sin Against Our Mercies 6:24
10.  Hard Drift 4:12
11.  Interlude III: Nova Regna 2:00
12.  The Middle Sea at Rest 6:00
13.  Starlost 10:07
Total running time: 58:07

Notes About The Nightscape Series
This multimedia series of supernatural thrillers launched in the fall of 2012 with the worldwide release of the indie-cult motion-picture Nightscape (or, Road without End). The series currently includes a number of independently-released books, short fiction, comic books, video games and albumsall of which standalone as uniquely satisfying experiencces and at the same time, contribute to an interconnected story about humanity’s place in the cosmos. Releases slated for 2017 include: the action-horror novel, The Alchemist & Azriel (spring); the double-novella, Nightscape Double Feature No. 2 (summer); the downloadable role-playing game, Nightscape: Red Terrors (fall); and the supernatural murder mystery, Among the Unsaved (winter).
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