Collapse - The Sleep In Me

Collapse - The Sleep In Me

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Collapse - The Sleep In Me

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Not at the point of Collapse


March 23, 2017
This is Collapse from France, not to be confused with the London based death metal band of the same name. Indeed, this is a very much an “all together” album and by that I mean these guys are just so musically tight working together so flawlessly as they drift so effortlessly between passages and sequences of play, just like a well oiled machine. It is interesting too to understand exactly, the clearly defined path, where each of the various instruments are going as they support each other with meticulous ease throughout the various instrumental segments. The apparent simplicity too at which the keybords and guitars effortlessly switch lead roles is quite fascinating and this is backed up with amazing time keeping from the percussive and bass department. There is so much variety over the seven tracks it is quite bewildering, so many ideas, switches of tempo and dreamy swathes of sound Typically the musical arrangements move from sultry and very moody piano chord sequences to bright crisp and happy guitar runs building up into pleasing and uplifting crescendos of full on intense sound. Throughout the album there is just so much going on that your ears don’t quite know where to point or what to home in on. Little beads of sound, wonderful bass runs, little tinkles of piano, dramatic burst of drumming, delicate stick work, high energy guitar riffing, wailing guitar, beautiful keyboards it is all there to be enjoyed but your head spins around trying to capture it all for the fear of missing any precious moments of progressive wonderment. It is not often that an album without vocals grabs my attention so much but this is truly amazing and is a real joy from start to finish. Actually there is one track where the spoken word (in English) is utilized in a very dramatic and macabre eerie way to scare the life out of you. I must say that instrumentally all of the musicians in this band are first class and I would love to see them live as I reckon that the sound you have on this album would be exactly the sound you would hear live. I know I have said this previously in one of my reviews but this in my opinion is destined to enter into the hall of classic albums.

Summary: A totally knockout almost exclusively instrumental album with so much variety and interest. Every single track is excellent and memorable with passages of beautiful well composed music. A total delight from start to finish,

Artwork: Stylish elegant and artistic digipak.

1. Opening Wound.
2. Breathing Holes
3. The Mental Room.
4. A Labyrinth In The Void.
5. Horla.
6. Closer to the End.
7. Sleep For Me.

Band Line Up :-

Sebastien Pierron –Guitars & Programming.
Anthony Barruel –Percussion.
Alexis Osseni- Bass
Vincent Coutellier- Keyboards.

Laurent Guiot –Spoken Word on Horla
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