Los Canarios - Ciclos

Los Canarios - Ciclos

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Los Canarios - Ciclos

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Los Canarios
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Four Seasons Progressive Rock Style


February 23, 2017
Well I have to admit that I previously knew nothing at all of this band “Los Canarios” who’s album “Ciclos” is apparently considered to be one of the major cornerstones of Spanish progressive rock. Unfortunately the CD sleeve in my possession gives absolutely no information about the music not even a track running order. I have subsequently learned though that the original vinyl release included lavish packaging with detailed notes and explanations about the music. So I needed to take to the internet where my research revealed that the album “Ciclos” was first released in 1974.
Generally, it is an album of conceptual progressive symphonic rock which is based on “Vivaldi's The Four Seasons”. As you would expect Ciclos comprises four separate movements (see below) each movement in turn is packed with plentiful helpings of diverse and intresting progressive rock bursting with changes of pace and saturated in musical colour. Wonderful musical textures surface throughout the complete works and are gracefully embellished with a myriad of various sound effects. The line up musicians itemized below and again by reference to the internet, comprise:- a whole host of Hammond organ, synthesizers, mellotrons, ,vibraphone, electric guitars, a soprano and a classical choir. This extensive line up entourage clearly gives reason for the density of sound and the multi variations in the structure of the music throughout the four movements. But how faithfully “Cilos” followed the original intentions of “Vivaldi” I really couldn’t say without close scrutiny of the original works. Suffice to say that I recognized many of the main music theme’s from “Four Seasons” but then with the added injection of progressive rock, jazz, blues and folk, such deviations clearly take the music in many other directions away from the original music score. Whilst “Ciclos” is basically instrumental in nature there are some wonderful moments of classical operatic vocalization and choral interludes which are beautifully delivered and which enhance and compliment greatly the resultant feel of the music..

Summary: A totally wonderful musical experience being a complex reworking of Vivaldis “ Four Seasons” in a symphonic progressive rock style combined together with interludes of backing operatic vocals and male / female choir.

Artwork: My CD version is very basic and lacking in information and was produced in Korea as a “European Rock Series” album”

Tracks Listing
1.0 Primera Transmigración (Paraiso Remoto) (16:50)
a) Genesis
b) Prana (Grito Primario)
c) Primera Visión de un Mundo Nuevo
d) Himno a la Armonía Magistral del Unverso
e) Primeros Pasos en un Mundo Nuevo
f) Metamorfosis Extravagante

2.0 Segunda Transmigración (Abismo Próximo) (16:45)
a) Narración Extravagante
b) Primeras Preguntas en un Mundo Nuevo
c) Canto al Niño Neurótico
d) Himno Crítico a la Primera Adversidad
e) Desfile Extravagante
f) Proceso Alienatorio
g) Serenata Extravagante

3. Tercera Transmigración (El Entorno Futuro) (17:47)
a) Pequeño Concierto Extravagante
b) Paginas de Plata de un Diario Intimo
c) Anti-Himno a la Programacion Cibernetica
d) Monasterios
e) Proceso Ciberetico
f) Villancico Extravagante

4.0 Cuarta Transmigración (El Eslabón Recobrado) (21:53)
a) Hibernus
b) Crisis
c) Ballet de las Sombras
d) Himno a la Armonía Implacable del Fin
e) Vanessa (El Aliento de la Osamenta)
f) Nirvana Extravagante
g) Diálogos a Alto Nivel
h) Hiperdestrucción
i) Apocalipsis

Line-up / Musicians
Alain Richard / drums, percussion
Antonio Garcia de Diego / guitar, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, voice
Mathias Sanvellian / electric piano, Hammond, acoustic piano, violin
Christian Mellies / bass, synthesizer
Alfredo Carrion / choral arrangement and conducting
Teddy Bautista / keyboards, synthesizers, voice
Rudmini Sukmawati / voice

Releases information
2LP Ariola 87.903-XD, 87.904-XD (1974 Spain)
LP Victor VIP-6450 (1977 Japan)
CD Si-Wan Records SRMC 1003 (1992 South Korea)
CD Ariola 74321 17814 2 (1993 Spain)
2CD Sony Music Japan International Inc. SICP 2615~6 (2010 Japan) (remaster)
CD 1992 Si wan Korea as a “European Rock Series”
2LP Vinilisssimo MR-SSS 09 (2010 Spain) (gatefold)
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