Ticket To The Moon - A Sense of Life

Ticket To The Moon - A Sense of Life

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Ticket To The Moon - A Sense of Life

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Ticket To The Moon
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February 13, 2017
This a very composite and varied album and on first play you could certainly be led to believe that it was an album of mixed bands and different artists but indeed it merely illustrates the overall quality and veritility of the band as they move from and across the different ranges and styles of the progressive rock genera. I listened very hard to try and detect some kind of “Ticket to the Moon” story line or interlinking theme between the varioustracks presuming it was conceptual in nature but (apologises if I’m wrong) wasn’t able to do so. But anyway there are so many ideas behind the construction of the music with a whole host of different instruments together with varied accented vocal interspersions migrating in and out and popping up throughout the tracks that the whole affair is totally fascinating. The structure of the music is, on reflection highly complex, with no obvious patterns to the format and certainly not at all predictable in way. The important thing though, as you listen, is to let the music carry you along as you open your mind to it’s intricacies and to gradualy absorb the various arrangements within the passages frrom successive plays. So, this is certainly not first time listening but music which will grow and mature in your brain overtime. The magical piano which links so many of the passages together is a real joy to behold and then a wonderful mixture of heavy guitar interspersed with much softer melodic almost classic guitar interludes colouring the proceedings.The assembly of this music in total I can only presume must of taken many months of hard work and determination to get it spot on and belive me this is a totally absorbing, interesting and (for me now) an essential album for any aficiendo of this genera of music. Wonderful, wonderful!!

Sumary: An album of progressive majesty packed with wonderful thoughtful music which will take you to the moon and beyond.

Artwork :A nice cardboard almost homemade in style package but seriously lacking in information about the band etc.

Matthias Zwick : Keyboards
Andrea Fortapia : Guitars & Vocals.
Guilaume Garboneau :Bass
Daniel Gosteli :Drums & Vocals

The tracks:
  1- Intro
  2- The Call Within
  3- Patient 730100: Conformism
  4- Patient 730100: Resurrection
  5- Father
  6- Foetus
  7- Perpetual Pt. I
  8- Perpetual Pt. II
  9- Interlude
10- Hynkel

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