The Madeline Rust - Truth or Consequences

The Madeline Rust - Truth or Consequences

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The Madeline Rust - Truth or Consequences

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The Madeline Rust
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Truth or Consequencies


December 13, 2016
Straight from the very scary opening sequence of this very atmospheric and deeply disturbing album you realise that you are in the midst's of something quite different and very special. This, in a sense, is a conceptual album and is based on real life events during the 1990s when 'David Parker Ray' perpetrated the serial killing of many woman by first drugging and then torturing them in a purpose made "toy box". The music totally encaptivates this abhorrent evil with the sound of a deeply resonant cello providing throughout a haunting backdrop in support of the various other instruments interweaving together in the same way an artist might add a selection of colour washes to a canvas. And then to add a further textured layer to the proceedings the most eerie of vocals drift, like a desert wind, softly at first and then bursting into angry crescendo's of fury, changing from that of sweet human voice into something wild, angry and with devilish power. The intensity of the music as a whole is quite breathtaking with the powerful driving percussion providing a solid platform for the electric guitar(s) as they dance between periods of heavy riffing into melodic chord sequences. The big question is where or how do you categories such music? Elements of 'Hawkwind' are there for sure and right at the other end of the spectrum even a splash of 'Blondie' . Sometimes it might be wrong to try to and put artistic music into some form of genera when such a placing might not exist but purely based on the fact that it is quite different from anything else around at the moment I shall stick my neck out and declare it to be within the progressive camp and as such I will be prepared to defend such a statement from the purists of this brand of music.

Summary: An interesting a quite captivating album with a macabre inspiration behind the story-line which feeds on the fascination of the thoughts and minds of the survivors and those who suffered the distress of having a loved one taken away from them by the actions of someone so evil. The music is fast moving, dynamic and totally absorbs the spirit of the story-line and this is exacerbated by the versatility of 'Lucy Morrows' phenomenal vocals as she powerfully relays the horror of the various events.

Cover artwork : Dark and somber and totally in keeping with the horror of the subject matter.

Lucy Morrow - Bass / Vocals, Aly McNab - Guitar, Gerallt Ruggiero - Guitar, Martin Syvret - Drums

1. Hey 05:01
2. He Rode On 04:48
3 Darling James 03:54
4. One More Time 04:36
5. Desert Rain 04:56
6. Serial Killer Song 05:20
7. Outrun 04:33
8. Pick Number Three 04:44
9. I Hate What You Know 04:21
10. When The Sugar Dies 04:09
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