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Eclection - Eclection

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I find it wonderful


November 21, 2016
Being the old music freak I am, with interest in UK folk-folk rock- blues- prog- etc. from way back when til now! I am really surprised that Esoteric have found this little gem. I remember having seen this album on several occasions at record fair´s and even at 2´hand shops through the years, but it never really crossed my mind that this would be right up my alley!?

So, do I like it? yes I do... I have always had a broad interest in music, my special interest´s were always: Blues/folk/folk-rock/ krautrock/prog early and later, to mention a few genres !!

Eclection really surprised me, with their very typical UK folk approach, but when I learned that Trevor Lucas and Gerry Conway were members of this fine band, it all went from surprise to.... OF COURSE!! Since these fine musicians went on to, respectively: Fotheringay & Fairport Convention!

Georg Hultgren, whom later changed his surname to : Kajanus, which you, the well informed record collector will acknowledge as one of the front figures at that period of time, were a member of highly popular SAILOR! Remember them ? Performing with sailor´s outfit and all !! Lets cross that particular musical bridge in a hurry, shall we ?!!

What is more interesting, is that special folk tradition that only normally sprung out of the UK bands at that time and what later became a huge musical industry and following!

What followed were great bands, perfect musicianship and wonderful album releases, let me just mention a few, whom have been important in my music world and understanding:

Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, Dando Shaft, Trader Horne, Steeleye Span, Trees and of course Pentangle!! But later also Renaissance come to mind !!

So Eclection is a fine folk-rock historic album, it even comes remastered and with bonus tracks!! I ask you ? What more could you want?!

What I did not mention, is that beautiful voice of especially Kerrilee Male, which shines on both her harmony and lead vocals throughou this album! The male (pardon the pun) vocals from Michael Rosen also has warmth and nearness.

Isnt it wonderful, that an album originally released so many year ago, still brings joy?!

I really urge you to get this album, that is if you agreed to the former sentences and musical preferences!!

At least this is a: MUST TRY !!

I find it wonderful, enchanting and a perfect musical background for a bonfire, cold wine, grapes and the company of good friends.
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